Following the success of the first edition of War on Screen, attended by more than 5,500 festival-goers, with its exemplary, feature-packed programme and star-studded international jury, our International Film Festival is set in the heart of France’s cultural landscape. It made the national press during the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.
This second edition of War On Screen will strike a particular chord this year. As part of the Great War centenary commemorations, our Festival will be a key part of our country’s events in the Department of Marne and the Region of Champagne-Ardenne. France’s Great War Centenary committee has recognised it as such and has supported the festival and awarded it the centenary programme’s official seal of approval.
The festival specifically approaches this First World War from both
an artistic and mass-audience perspective.The uniqueness of this
approach alongside other events set up to commemorate the centenary
of the Great War (talks, exhibitions, etc.) and the way in which it complements these other events gives ours a fresh and heightened
appeal. Our region was hugely affected by the Great War and still bears
a number of scars.The history of our department and region is closely
tied to this immensely unique and murderous conflict. 7
Through cinema, images, screenplay, historic reconstruction and critique, the Festival reveals this past, this war, its background,
its protagonists. It also compares the Great War to other conflicts, especially those currently being waged. And above all, it opens the door to discussion and debate.
Through screenings of more than 80 films, including various European and world previews, not to mention talks and networking events with a number of artists and filmmaking professionals, directors and actors along with journalists and senior broadcasters from throughout the world, the Festival will also be a place for dialogue and discussion.
All are therefore welcome, and we hope that as many as possible will make the most of this international film festival and discover or re- discover our picturesque region, once at the centre of this Great War.

Benoist APPARU
Deputy and Mayor, Châlons-en-Champagne

René-Paul SAVARY
Senator and President of the General Council of Marne

Jean-Paul BACHY
President, Region of Champagne-Ardenne

President of the Township Committee of Châlons-en-Champagne

Jacques JESSON
President, Pays de Châlons

Fabrice LONCOL
Mayor and President of the Community of Municipalities of Mourmelon

President of the Community of Municipalities of Suippes

Jean-Raymond EGON
Mayor of Suippes 

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