TV Series

LA MAISON DES BOIS (Episode 1 & 2) wednesday

Horaires de la séance de 10h00 à 12h00

Lieu de la séance Lycée Pierre Bayen


Pays France/Italy

Film length : 101 min

Language(s) : French

Genre : Série Télévisée

LA MAISON DES BOIS (Episode 1 & 2) (1970)


Bernard Dubois, Maurice Pialat 1st AD will be present at the screenings


During the Frist World War, a gamekeeper and his family take in three Parisian children whose fathers have been called into action. Seven-part TV series.

“The brief synopsis given in the credits is but a pale reflection of La Maison des bois, as it is difficult to sum up six hours of film in a few lines, because La Maison des bois is not carried along by a plot. It is much rather one of those strings of intimate moments of which the writer is so fond of: sequences assembled without any apparent concern for continuity, without any of the traditional segues, but happily jumping instead from one place, time or action to another, if not all three at once. Because the period setting (the 1914 war) requires it and because Pialat would not quite be Pialat in a world without stories, all seven episodes of La Maison des bois are sometimes marked by sequences of tense drama. […]

Perhaps more so than in any other of Maurice Pialat’s films, there is no “hero” in La Maison des bois, whose very title evokes a collective endeavour. […] ». François Chevassu




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