When we look specifically at those conflicts that started and ended during the 20th century, no city more aptly embodies our journey through this centenary. The First World War set Europe ablaze, the Bosnian capital its flashpoint. The siege on Sarajevo between 1992 and 1996 remains the symbol of the last major conflict on European soil. These two landmark events, so different yet bringing us full circle, have inspired a number of filmmakers. This spotlight presents some of the films, from a number of countries that have traced this journey, and specifically that of Bosnia during the years of the siege. A land of conflict, Sarajevo is also a country of filmmakers, the cradle of ubiquitous artists such as Danis Tanovic, and the largest film festival in Eastern Europe, set up in 1995 during the siege on the city. This was followed more recently by the creation in June 2014 of an all-new festival, backed by the WARM Foundation, probing the subject of wars.

Now, almost 20 years on, filmmaking has gained the upper hand over war, as though its apparent victory.


CASQUE BLEU (1995), by Chris Marker - France

CIRKUS COLUMBIA (1997), by Danis Tanovic - Bosnia/France/UK/Germany/Slovenia/Belgium/Serbia

MAYERLING TO SARAJEVO (1940), by Max Ophüls - France

JE VOUS SALUE, SARAJEVO (1993), by Jean-Luc Godard - France

NO MAN'S LAND (2001), by Danis Tanovic - Bosnia/France/Slovenia/UK/Italy/Belgium

THE TROUBLES WE'VE SEEN (1994), by Marcel Ophuls - France/Germany/UK

WELCOME TO SARAJEVO (1997), by Michael Winterbottom - USA/UK

MISS SARAJEVO (1995), by Bill Carter - USA

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