The Arab Spring and ensuing conflicts place imagery at the centre of a new kind of warfare. The profusion of images and the raw, instantaneous nature of their dissemination through the new channels of social media raise questions about our actions as spectators. At the same time, fiction and documentary offer a structured, artistic perspective on these on-going wars.

Be they Tunisian, Syrian or Egyptian, directors from the countries that have experienced this profound shake-up are first and foremost citizens and witnesses, using their art form as a means to take stock of and question the present. It is these very first films consisting of footage taken “on the spot” that we have chosen to show. They mark the beat of history in the making. Even at this stage, they take a step back in their perspective: one of a witness, of an artist. Other films are sure to follow. Fiction will take over from documentary, itself the messenger of our information era. It is a journey that has only just begun: the first leg of an imminent voyage.


WAR REPORTER (2011), by Amine Boukhris, Tunisia

OUR TERRIBLE COUNTRY (2014), by Mohammad Ali Atassi & Ziad Homsi - Syria

NO MORE FEAR (2011), by Mourad Ben Cheick - Tunisia

THE SQUARE (2014), by Jehane Noujaim - Egypt  (official selection)

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